«Родниковая Родина». Рецензия Inside World Music

«The best in contemporary Russian rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well in Vozvraschenie’s newest release, Spring Land. The eleven-track release contains heady vocals and gorgeous rock melodies with guitars, bass, percussion, and assorted instrumentation of ocarina, igil, jaw-harp, mandolin, virtual instruments, and others. It is rare every song on an album is great, but Spring Land proves it’s possible. From the opening, driving melody of «Kapel» to the Celtic-rock and punk-inspired sounds of «Skomoroshya Dolya,» Vozvraschenie is comfortable in any genre and style. However, rock and pop sounds are the primary influence here. There are a few displays of rock guitar splendor, but Vozvraschenie do their best to stick to solid, catchy rock grooves that are unforgettable. «Kapel» and «Zodchy» are two of the best tracks of any artist in any genre to come out this year. The mix of guitars, flute sounds, assorted strings, and the buzzing, electric bagpipe effects of the zhaleyka aerophone on «Zodchy» are definitely worthwhile. All the songs are in Russian. However, every song is excellent irregardless of language barriers. Anyone into Russian folk/rock will love it. One of the best recordings of 2014.»

~ Matthew Forss

Оригинал: http://insideworldmusic.blogspot.ru/2014/12/cd-review-vozvraschenies-spring-land.html